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Bill Ralston supports Best Buddies Kentucky

October 22, 2013


Bill Ralston is not only one of KPP's champions; he is also a nominee for Best Buddies Champion of the Year for 2013.  Bill and nine others from the community are raising funds for the non-profit organization.  This charity is dedicated to improving the lives of young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), such as Downs Syndrome and moderate to severe Autism.  Unfortunately, most people with IDD live socially isolated, without many friends or social contacts outside their immediate family.  The human need for companionship and social integration is not met for these individuals all too often. 

Best Buddies addresses this by running chapters in local schools where students volunteer to " buddy" with these individuals, for regular trips to the movies or a ballgame, or just to hang out.  This has a tremendous impact on the person with IDD, as well as the buddy.  Lifelong friendships are built.  In addition, Best Buddies KY also works with local businesses to find employment opportunities for individuals with IDD. 

Please visit  Best Buddies Kentucky for more information: