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Finding independence is typically the last move for any successful financial advisor. Let us help you build the practice you have always envisioned.

Don't Do It Alone!

Don't Do It Alone!

Many Advisors find it easier to go independent as part of an established firm. You are able to enjoy independence while benefiting from logistical support, potentially lower start up cost, shared overhead and other economies of scale. By sharing the knowledge of those who've already made their move, your transition can be smooth and efficient.

It's time to control your destiny. As an independent Advisor you will be in charge of your own future. Your success will depend on your hard work and the quality of the guidance and the service you provide to your clients.

You're free to pursue the type of client you wish to pursue, determine the work/life balance you prefer and even develop a specialized niche market for yourself. Best of all, you'll have the chance to build something of lasting value that you can pass on or sell when you are ready to retire.

When you are an independent Advisor, you're free to recommend investment strategies that meet your clients' needs. There is no pressure to push proprietary products or meet "informal" cross selling goals. Putting clients first leads to better relationships, and that can translate into long term retention, increased referrals and higher income. Click the Why KPP presentation above for more information.