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KPP and New York Life Host Event

September 28, 2015

KPP hosted a workshop on September 24th at the Owl Creek Country Club.  The workshop, presented by Stephen Rathford of New York Life, addressed the issue of caring for aging parents.  Important topics, such as living situations, healthcare, living wills, medical directives, and legacy planning, were all discussed.  More that 65 clients and guests enjoyed drinks and appetizers before the event.  

Thank you to Matt Shack, Stephen Rathford, and New York Life for helping to make this very informative evening possible.   

Lee & Jenny Tatum, Sallye and Stan Kimmel, Neil & Jane Benner. Rob Davenport 


Presenter, Steve Rathford, VP  New York Life 

Rob Davenport, CEO KPP

Ken O'Neil, President KPP, and Ron Kraus

Darlene Benzick & Jerry Cantrell

Stacy Ledington, who is an attorney with Elderlaw, and Eric Poole. KPP advisor

Mick Castleberry and his daughter, Angela Zachman, an advisor with KPP

Sol & Blanchie Kelman, Toni & Bradley Kelman

Michele Barton, Amy Seldon, Megan Seldon, Lyne & Shane Seldon 

Bob Patterson & Aaron Givhan

Skip Davis & Rob Davenport 

Dana Faulkner, Andy Southworth, KPP Advisor, and Bill Faulkner 

Michael McCulloch, KPP Advisor, and Aisha Sharif 

Eric Poole, KPP Advisor, and his parents, Gail & George Poole

Matt Shack, New York Life

Ernie Entin, Mika Covington, and Pat Entin 

Al & Jane Knight 

Aisha Sharif, Michael McCulloch, Tammy Wiseman & Diane Schindler

Jeff O'Neil, Ernie Entin, David & Donna Hunt, Mika Covington, and Pat Entin

Jane Benner & Richie Shewmaker 

Skip Davis & Larry Grossman