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KPP and Thurby!

May 07, 2015

KPP Advisors and their guests enjoyed a day at Churchill Downs on the Thursday before Derby.  The " Thurby" event was hosted by Kyle Roy of AIG and Andy Mignery of Hines Securities. More recently, the Thurby has become a local favorite and this year was no exception.  The crowd is smaller than Oaks and Derby but the vibe is more relaxed and most out of town guests have yet to show up for the week-end events.

This year's guests to the annual Thurby event included Rob and Lorie Davenport, Bill and Christy Ralston, Andy and Carrie Southworth, Thomas Wright and McKenzi Loid, Eric Poole and Amy Coelho, and Brad Barnett. The weather was perfect and Kyle and Andy were the perfect hosts.  

Rob and Lorie Davenport 

Bill and Christy Ralston 

Andy and Carrie Southworth 

McKenzi Loid and Thomas Wright 

Eric Poole and Amy Coelho