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Rob, Rob, and Bob spend a fun 24 hours fishing the waters of Lake Cumberland!

Rob, Rob, and Bob spend a fun 24 hours fishing the waters of Lake Cumberland!

November 06, 2015

Rob Davenport, CEO of KPP, was recently invited to join Rob Tupman and Bob Goss for 24 hours of fishing on Cumberland Lake.  Rob Tupman, retired Director of Sales for LINAK-US, Inc, owns a houseboat on Lake Cumberland and docks it at the Grider Hill Marina where he can be found year round boating and fishing.  Rob's parents owned a cabin at Lake Cumberland so he grew up spending his summers at the lake and has never outgrown his love of the water.  He met fellow boater, Bob Goss, a retired KY state trooper, at the lake and the two spend a lot of time together chasing the "stripers".  According to Rob, the stripped bass feed on the live shad schools that swim on the water's surface.  At any given time, the bass will dart to the surface from deeper waters and a feeding frenzy occurs.  

The threesome spent the first day on Rob's fishing boat using an artifical bait on the surface but hired a guide service for the second day and used the live shad for deep water fishing.  Miller Tallent, their guide and captain, was up at the 3:00 am, catching the live shad with a net that the threesome would use for bait later in the morning.  His labors were not in vain as you can see by the photos.  The three caught multiple 10+ lb fish that Miller cleaned and filleted to perfection. 

Rob came home with plenty of fish for frying and thanks to Jenny Tatum's and Lorie Davenport's culinary talents, the fish did not go to waste.  Rob told his staff after the week-end that the time spent with Rob and Bob was just what he needed.  

Rob Tupman's houseboat at Grider Hill Marina at Lake Cumberland 

Bob Goss, Rob Davenport, and Rob Tupman with the big haul. 

The captian, Miller Tallent, and Bob Goss.

Rob Tupman's catch 

Miller Tallent, cleaning the catch.  Service extrodinaire! 

Miller's labor of love-perfect fillets. 

Pan fried and delicious.  Thanks Jenny and Lorie!