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COVID-19 Updates

Kentucky Planning Partners and COVID-19

Our first priority is helping our clients while protecting our associates during these unprecedented times. Our office is now open and operating normal business hours, 8:00am- 5:00pm, following all CDC guidelines.

Some advisors continue to work remotely. A list of these advisors can be found below. If you need their assistance, you can contact them directly or call our office at 502-394-0400.

Angela Zachman | 502-727-3901

William "Bill" Ralston | 502-314-1100

Brad Barnett | 502-905-5458

David Bugg | 502-777-3222

Eric Poole | 502-802-5691

Jeannie Samdani | 502-638-4859

Michael McCulloch | 502-638-4861

Steve Franklin | 502-727-6210

Thomas Wright | 502-475-3237

Vicki Marchand | 502-638-4842

Whayne Porter | 502-802-8201